Friday, November 7, 2014

INDN 342: The HERD stool.

The HERD stool is a playful stool that speaks of interlocking and how a variety of different forms can be achieved with multiples of the same identical design. It encourages fun placement and constant rearrangement through its lightweight aluminium and ash construction.

While the stool works perfectly well on its own as a standalone piece, it really wants to be with the rest of its herd. The CNC routed legs bring out subtle geometries that abstract the organic forms of herd animal hooves and feet, while the CNC bent top resembles an abstracted, quirky animal caricature.

Easily moved around, the stools can take on a variety of useful collective structures, including a coffee table, a variety of bench configurations, as well as continuous angular chain alignments.

Special thanks go to:
Henrietta Hitchings, for being a patient and creative model / actress,
Enjoy Gallery, filming venue,
Tim Miller, for being a very inspiring lecturer.

The HERD stool was awarded the Henry Hughes Prize for Innovation and Excellence in Design.

Stop-motion and traditional video amalgamate to show off the playful qualities of the stools.

The variety of configurations is almost endless.

The bench configuration is particularly effective.

The hexagonal configuration is possibly the most enigmatic and beautiful.

The simple connections allow for simple re-structuring of the stool configuration at any time.

Bold colours, with bold personalities.

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