Thursday, October 23, 2014

INDN 342: Metal Returned

After many weeks of waiting for my parts to be made, they finally made their way back to me. Fortunately I was one of the first students to get my plans and design into Metco Engineering, so as a result, I got my metal back almost first. However, the delay meant that I had only a week until the final hand-in, meaning that the powder coating had to happen in the next two days so that I could get my photos and video done on the Saturday before the hand-in.

One thing that had to happen very quickly was that I had to give the insides of my metal collars a bit of a clean up in order to allow the wooden legs to fit into them. As long as I made them fit, it was all going to look good from here on out. One of the considerations I had to make was the way in which I was going to connect the legs to the metal. Since the metal was going to be powder coated, I decided to make the legs flow nicely into the metal, as opposed to having some sort of joining system that would impede the look of the stools.

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