Monday, June 3, 2013

INDN 252: Render Render Render!

Well, the 3D model is now finished. I've got a clear idea of what materials I want to print in, and I'm making full use of the Connex Multi-Material 3D printer. The baseplate is getting printed in one hard material, as well as two sure hardnesses of rubber. This will give me the materiality that I need.

One of the most important elements to start thinking of today now that my prints are being done is the booklet. This booklet is going to be my supporting imagery for this project. For a particular aesthetic and style of this booket, I want to make it a sort of corporate booklet, outlining the designs, the reasons, and the details of the project.

I think I'm slowly starting to really get the hang of rendering. I chose a carbon fibre type material for the base layer, as that really shows the nano-weave technology I'm trying to display. The render really allowed me to go a bit nuts and explore different materials that I'd never be able to make it out of in real life.

This first render is my beauty shot of sorts. I wanted it to capture the overall form,as well as the materials I'd really have loved to use, given the money, time, and resources. Sadly, I can't make the filter out of quartz, nor can I make the shell out of ceramic, nor can I make the tray out of anodized aluminium. But I can dream, and the render allows me to do that.

Besides, this render is a part of my supporting imagery, so it will go with my booklet, and it therefore needs to conform to a style and aesthetic that I have chosen to do.

Going with that aesthetic is the concept of choice. The future user would want the ability to customise what goes on there face, with this kind of decorative functionality becoming a definitive fashion statement. Choice is important to me, as it is important to everyone. Without a choice, everything becomes the same and we lose our sense of individuality.

Another important thing to show the customers would be the presence of the device when in it's removed state. This render shows how the piece would look when grafted to the face. I want to display a degree of elegance here, I want to show the public that this piece that's saving their lives wouldn't look too bad on them.

Finally, the most exciting render. This one shows the model in it's entirety. All of the pieces have been liberated from one another, showing the pieces and how they would fit together. I got the head model from: , and then separated all the pieces from one another. I really feel like this render does a good job of showing the location of the form on the face, as well as showing a sense of scale and how it would fit together.

Now I've got to build these bad boys into my booklet.

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