Thursday, June 6, 2013

INDN 252: 'Shoppin' Devices Onto Faces!

Getting my render to look good on my face, aside from the Solidworks for this project, was quite possibly the hardest part of the project. I'm not much of a photoshopper, I'm more of an Illustrator kinda guy. So yeah, this one was rather difficult.

I started out by putting a backplate image into my render, which then allowed me to line up my render so that it could look like it was in the right place with the right perspective.

Following the render, I then worked in Photoshop to make the device look like it belonged there. I had to learn a lot very quickly about dodging and burning. Thank goodness I made the decision to get my photo taken in the Ergonomics lab where the lighting can be made very smooth and clean.

Love that place.

And then there's the finished image!

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