Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MDDN 242: Adaptation Is The Best Remedy

So, the direction that I want to take this project now is more along the lines of wanting to allow the user to influence the structure and growth of the structure as a whole. I don't want the user to feel like they have complete control, but rather that they are having a tangible, not quite understood effect on the generation of the scape.

One idea that I've begun to play with, which I quite like, is the addition of random blue quads, which I think have the potential to enhance the form itself and give it more interesting elements of depth. Another part I built in here was a shaded layering effect, where I had the curve creating the mountain shifting as well as changing shade at the same time. It's a little bit too strong in this one, but the next one conveys it nicely.

Here the shift is a little bit slower and hence easier to see. The blue quads here made a really interesting form, but I toned them back a bit so that the web was still the star of the show. That's what I really put the work into, so I feel that would be more worthy to show off.

After experimenting with darker shades, I decided to switch to white, so that my forms could be very clear cut, as well as allowing the reference to the mountain to be more tangible. One important aspect that I built into this form was the use of a third curve. The first is responsible for creating the top-most form, and giving the mountain exterior structure. The second curve is responsible for filling out the mountain with very light, interspersed connection points and lines. The third and final curve that I built in creates highlight structures on the mountains, creating the illusion of valleys and a 3D nature.

This is the same code as before, but less chaotic and more controlled, as well as earlier in the cycle. I think the blue quads are starting to be more distracting rather than useful, so I think I'm going to edit the code. I have some really cool ideas for where to take the code now that I have the user input as the mouse. This input influences the curve in different ways depending on in which direction the user moves their mouse. I also plan on building in a GUI, so that the user can reset the generation, or alter the curve and have the generation restart with their custom curve. I also want the user to have the ability to save their frames, so that they can have something interesting come out as a saved file.

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