Monday, April 2, 2012

DSDN 111: Final Models & Drawing

The final 1.5mm card model I created! Exploring the concept of the word "symmetry" here, through rotational symmetry, more specifically. I'm very pleased with how it finally turned out, and it has a really good feel to it.

The final wire and thread model I made explored a shape I originally created in card, but then saw as being better and more refined when created in wire and thread. The thread zig-zags on the frame serve the purpose of creating a 2-dimensional plan between those sets of wire. The whole thing was created from a single piece of wire and again seeks to explore the idea of rotational symmetry. I drew on existing shapes and feels that I used in the cardboard model also.

The drawing I did is an abstract representation of the shadows created by the wire model and the thread involved in the design. The drawing was done in pen, and I used three separate shadows to create the final result.

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