Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DSDN 144 Project 2: Photo Choices from First Shoot

For the first time shoot, I very much tried to work as a solo photographer, with no-one helping me or aiding the shot. I was trying to create the effect I desired in my proposal, however, i came to realise that this simply didn't work nearly as well as I had imagined. Nonetheless, I did take some shots which I believe have potential.

The static building in the background works really well. While working with people will be a mainstay, I want to incorporate buildings more than static people. Like Alexey Titarenko, I really want to show the flow of people around the static world that we build up around ourselves. 

This was one of the few shots I was able to achieve which really had the ability to be something. The static old man on the bench really showed the flow of society around him while his life was paused as he sat on the bench. 

Waiting at a give way sign as everyone passes the car on the main road was an example that worked really well. Cars when paused, don't have a tendency to still move, unlike people. The car comes through really crisply, and we see the rest of the world in motion around it.

This car shows even more significantly what I was trying to achieve with the  flow, as one can also see the person in the car, static, while in the background we still see people on the sidewalk moving too. 

While some of the images have potential, I noticed that working with the actual physical surroundings is far more effective, and much more crisp. The people-blur around the buildings shows a much more amplified "flow", and we also get the sense of the timelessness of buildings. I have an idea to explore the flow of people and life around these buildings, these monuments that we ourselves build and exploit, while yet their lack of motion is so alien to our world. Everything moves. Even trees and plants, however, man made objects are designed to stay steadfast. Saying it like that almost seems odd.
I will be re-doing my proposal to suit this new concept.

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