Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DSDN 144 Project 2: Proposal

For the second project, the whole idea of it is to capture the connection that photography has with Time. What I really want to discover, and what I've set out to do is to capture the moments in people's lives where their lives are figuratively paused. What are those moments in society where, relative to everything else, one stops moving and stops living one's life by "normal" standards. I also want to try and capture the nature of this pausing. Is it voluntary? Or are we controlled by society and told when to pause our lives?

For the techniques I want to use, I really want to capture these moments in a brief space of time, but I really want to show everything else, society around the person, continuing to move, I want to show that life only pauses for them and maybe say a few other choice people, while the rest of society goes on living. I want to experiment with a variety of times of day, but mostly have long exposure shots. 1-5 seconds of exposure. I really want to capture the person in the middle of the hubbub of society, so taking a central or rule-of-thirds viewpoint on the subject will be ideal. Keeping my distance from the object will be paramount, since ideally I want them to not know I'm there and literally stop and do their pause. Depending on the light and situation, I'll have to vary my use of aperture settings, so I'll have to see regarding that. I literally want to use the camera as a sort of "time machine".

I saw some of the ideas shown in the "time" lecture slides, and loved how some photos really just captured the moment, and I thought, "I also want to capture the moment, but only the moment for THAT person. I only want to capture their moment, and have everyone else continue on.". I think showing the everyday moments where we chose and sometimes are chosen to pause will be a really interesting idea to present, and should show everyday moments for the audience in a new light.

Ideally I want to end up with a series of photos, where the inherent idea transfers seamlessly across all the photos. The idea I have really wouldn't be suited to any kind of time lapse or stop motion, but could possibly be suited for a short video. We'll see. 

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