Saturday, September 7, 2013

INDN 212: Creation Phase 3

Another thing that I've been toying with is the muscle wire. It's not really worth photographing, as it's so incredibly thin and strong, and the behaviour is really only something I could capture with film, but again, that poses the same problem with it being nightmarish to even consider capturing with a camera.

Success has been good! The results I've achieved hint that muscle wire can provide a decent amount of pulling power, however, it's most entertaining and arguably most effective quality is the way that it returns to its original straight form even after you have scrunched it up.

The things that I'm really pleased with are these babies. I'm going to be adding a rubber sleeve at the base of the twisted cabling to clean up the pieces that I messed up a bit. It'll just look a lot cleaner and more considered. I might even layer it up a little bit to make it a bit cleaner.

They all look really good together, and they have a continuous aesthetic that I really like and am proud of. I've decided that for the final finish after they're all sanded up, I'm going to give them a coat of my favourite wax, as that brought out the colour and grain of the wood so beautifully.

It's really interesting how the cabling juxtaposes with the shades. I really like this cabling. It's so cool! And while it is a little whack, I think it can definitely work with the shades and the ceiling mount. So pleased. Next, to vamp up the ceiling mount and sort out the cabling and electronics.

However, no rest for the wicked. My tutor mentioned in my crit that I need to make sure that what I'm designing doesn't end up being too similar to my inspiration. So I'm taking a step back and re-looking at the way one interacts with the light and how it reacts. What I want to achieve is a sort of plant-like movement. However, I also want the connection between the shades to feel like a mother-child connection. So, possibly, rather than the lamp receding upwards when there is a person near, maybe the light could sway towards the mother, as if seeking protection from the danger. However, this could also be an extremely functional element.

As stated in the sketch, I could possibly change the movement to be a lateral motion, which would be more detectable, but also serve a purpose to focus the light down onto the centre of the table and away from peoples faces and heads. That way, when someone is there, the light pulls away to the centre and illuminates the important part of the table, but when no-one is below, the light illuminates the whole table.

Ideas... maybe some more will come later on how to solve the issue with the potential inspiration plagiarism.

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