Sunday, September 15, 2013

INDN 212: Getting Some Sweet Shots!

So, late tonight, when I was about to start taking photos, disaster struck. For some reason, my light system didn't work any more. I have a suspicion that the power supply I was using simply wasn't supplying enough juice, or possibly it broke. I really hope it's just that, as I have another power supply laying around somewhere that can provide more power. But at present, I can't take any photos of it lit or working, as that's not possible.

Fortunately, the materialities of the light are still very beautiful, even when the light isn't working. The pendants of the lamp make for some really nice photo opportunities, so I'm glad of that much. I just wish it would work.

I'm pleased with the congruency of all the shades. The two smaller ones feel like refined iterations of the large one, which is exactly what I wanted them to feel like. The metal on top then feels at one with the shades, as the pieces of aluminium are all the same, and yet they add to the two different sorts of shades in completely unique ways.

This shot feels like a sort of disco shot. I just had to put it in the preliminary bunch of shots.

I'd love to have shown these lights lit. I'll let you do the imagining. They were really, really bright. And made the wood shine really nicely and warmly.

I'm really pleased with the way the three main looks come together. The aluminium, the waxed beech, the cotton cabling, it all worked out in the end, and the three look fantastic together, so ultimately even if the whole thing doesn't work, I still have something beautiful. And my idea is in the project. I had a really good concept, so hopefully that will carry a lot of weight.

I can't quite believe how beautiful the beech looks in this light with my favourite wax on. It's such a wonderful product and it just enhances the wood in such a nice way. *love*

Less of a disco shot, and more of one that actually shows what they look like with real lighting.

The ceiling mount turned out pretty alright! It's definitely not my favourite part of the construct, but it could be a lot worse. The white spray paint came out really nicely, but next time I'd definitely give it a bit more time to dry, as when I carried it from home, the warmth from my hands softened the not-quite-dry paint a bit and my cloth that I used to carry it left a bit of an imprint.

Here's to hoping that it works tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Seb, love the finish and the retro look of the wiring, contrast with the led lights and the wood finish. Great work. MV .