Friday, June 6, 2014

MDDN 314: analog X digital

So I finally finished the projection mapping as well as all the video making, as well as the video re-vamping in order to make it less behind-the-scenes. This definitely works in it's favour in order to present the work alone, but in all honesty, I actually like the style of my previous video more. That said, I do completely understand why my lecturer told me to do the project in this way rather than the prior one.

analog X digital is an audio-visual installation that seeks to harmonize the “real world” and the “digital world”. It visualizes the sound of the street with a procedural code, projected through a 3-dimensional physical landscape. analog X digital seeks to challenge the notion of how we connect sounds to the world we live in through a digital scope. Is the landscape real? Are the sounds coming from the landscape?

Procedurally generated in real-time, the projection visualizes the recording in a familiar yet abstract way, reshaping and invigorating the real world. The interaction between mediums is formulated with colours, shapes, and lines, blurring the lines between what is tangible and what isn’t, while actualizing the unique spatial relationship between the two.

The subtleties of the soundscape integration seek to underpin the experience as well as ground it firmly in a real, familiar space. The resultant expression of these intentions is an ethereal encounter that speaks of pop-culture sci-fi technology applied to the everyday.

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