Tuesday, June 17, 2014

INDN 341: Progress Update 3

Moving on from where we were last time, we decided it would be a good idea to test out the rope I had left over for the purpose we wanted it for. Unfortunately the rope that I had left over was a bit too narrow for our purposes. The frame had been holding up well though.
We added small crossbeams to the legs to help them stay in place as well as give extra support and structure. Unfortunately the whole installation is starting to get pretty heavy now, but that was always going to be a problem. Oh well.

Cutting the keg in half proved to be a hell of a mission. The keg's edges were very very tricky to get at with the angle grinder, but we managed to cut the keg in half eventually with a bit of elbow grease and a hacksaw. The keg is made of steel fortunately, which means we can easily weld it to the frame. However, we're thinking that in stead of doing that we just leave the keg free, in order to allow us to easily remove the keg and empty the water out of the "trough".

While I worked on the project, the others went out shopping for various bits and bobs. One of the things we still want to build in is the fogger, which is going to need a sort of holder for the water and the fogger itself. We also needed a tap of sorts and another container for the dripping mechanism.

One of the things we did do though was attach the support struts for the keg to sit in. By doing that, the keg can be lifted off the ground and also have a place to rest when it's full with water.

One of the parts that we still had to work on was a shroud for the wheel in order to protect people's identities directly after they had put their confession on the installation. To achieve this I though we could use the other half of the keg. To bend it, we needed to put the keg into a hydraulic press, which had to exert 20'000 pounds of pressure on the keg to get it to bend to that point.

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