Monday, June 16, 2014

INDN 341: Progress Update 2

Today's work consisted of advancing on the design. The beauty of having a single central shaft would allow us to attach numerous other parts to the design. This meant that we didn't have to have lots of separate parts that weren't attached.
Here's the slightly bigger wheel attached onto the frame. Both of the wheels spin well, but unfortunately they are both a bit wonky from misuse and from being discarded. I have a bad feeling this might come back to haunt us later. But for now they'll be fine.

The small rounds we have at the bottom of each leg are going to be the feet for the installation. They should stabilise the build as well as stop the legs spreading too far. They're just these small steel rounds we found. Probably were either weights or feet back when they were used.

The construct on the right is from some sort of shelving unit, perhaps for a piece of stereo equipment or the like. The good part is that's now something we don't have to build. It's going to be the housing for our booth where people can write up their confessions, and will have some sort of walls around it to protect the users privacy when writing their confession.

The beer keg was something that Matt brought in, which should serve us well in providing pieces for various elements. We plan on cutting it in half down it's long end, in order to make a trough for the trough element of the design. The other parts will serve us in making some of the other components.

We've gone for the complete junkyard aesthetic, as this fits our desire to make the project as cost-effective as possible, as well as fit the pseudo-religious social commentary we're going for.

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