Sunday, August 11, 2013

INDN 212: Spatial Division

Well, the project is finished! I'm really pleased with the results. The light really creates the metaphorical space division through the form, as well as the literal division with how the light is created.

This is the space I was working with. My desk space, I wanted to minimise the amount of space that my desk lamp takes up. The space that I actually ended up designing my light for was actually an imagined space, and targeted towards those people whose homes don't have a huge amount of space to work with, and where spaces sit directly next to each other and potentially intersect.

My light is something that I want to make interconnected spaces feel connected with but still maintain a degree of spatial separation. I took a lot of inspiration from the forms in my anglepoise desk lamp, especially the curve of the shade, but also the angles made by the light and its form. I didn't actually keep any of the components, but I wanted to keep the purpose of the light and what it fulfilled in that respect. I'm really looking forward to presenting it!

Work Space 

Social/Relaxation Space 

Spatial Separation

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