Friday, August 2, 2013

INDN 212: Nutting Out A Final Form

The next part that I really needed to complete was the wing-like sections of the project. These were quite a bit trickier than the first bit. The way I ended up solving how to get the "n" shape I wanted was to use the table saw to essentially remove material in the space that I wanted my form to be. That was a lot of fun. It took a while though, as while the table saw is fairly thick, it's not as thick as it could be to efficiently remove material. It did its job though, and the results worked out.

The next large section that I needed to complete was to create the glowing section of the design. This involved finding out (after a very unsuccessful attempt) that there is a machine for heating up plastic so that it can be cleanly folded. It was AMAZING. Once the plastic is heated, it literally folded like paper. I formed the plastic over a block of wood that I deemed the perfect thickness for the glowing section. The frosted plastic looks really good with the lighting behind it, which is great.

To actually attach these two components though, I had to connect them to the end section after routing out the groove for the LED strips. This was much trickier than initially anticipated, as I had to use a handheld machine to achieve that cut, since the normal machine router wouldn't allow it to fit properly. But, it worked out eventually, after much trial!

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