Wednesday, August 14, 2013

INDN 212: Interaction Realisation & Inspiration

As for interaction, interaction is a little easier to define.

Interaction: /ˌintərˈakSHən/
Reciprocal action or influence: "interaction between the two countries".

The way I think I want to define interaction is more in the sense of an action you have with the light creating an event, or chain of events. This could lead to an interesting light display, or alternatively the switch mechanism for a simple light could be a very specific interaction, maybe a specific motion set or alternatively the resultant motion of the light or the switch could be a totally new experience.
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This series of small lights provides a really interesting ambient illumination , and together create an experience as a whole, each one almost reminiscent of a blade of grass or a toi-toi. They could possibly be activated by the movement of the wind as well, which would allow for them to be both interactive and autonomous.

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This light is really cool, because while the activation of it might be quite mundane, the control of the light and how it projects its light would be where it would be the most interesting part. It appears that the individual blades of the light shades gives the user a large degree of freedom and control with how the light is projected around the room.

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As a major installation piece, this is a very metaphorical and yet quite literal light. The individual bulbs appear to all have pull strings to turn them on and off, which would almost allow people to turn on "their" bulb and lay claim to it in a way. This would allow for quite a personal encounter with the light, which would slowly grow in intensity as more people interacted with it.

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