Thursday, August 8, 2013

INDN 212: Final Form

So, the form is finished! Now I just need to take photos and give it a final polish, and it will be ready for the presentation. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, because, aside from a few minor alterations, it's exactly how I envisioned it in my original sketch.

The back of the form isn't the prettiest, but that's okay, because it is facing the wall. I've done my best to keep the front of the form to be as minimal as possible, so the back is a very functional form. It really shows off the bare bones of the design.

I really want the front of the form to feel minimal and powerful, while at the same time still maintain a low profile. I didn't want it to contrast too strongly with a white wall, or feel to out of place on a black wall either. I want the materials to speak quite strongly too, as that's quite important to me. The Kauri looks beautiful and the wax really brings out the grain a lot.

The wing sections all ended up looking pretty good, and they work well together with the frosted white plastic. The white grouting plasticine is consistent with the plastic as well, and the sharp angles of the wings juxtapose nicely against the curves of the rest of the form.

The curves I built in on the form complement the soft angles I built in across the design. I really sought to base my design off the same 45-degree angles all over. The wood also looks quite good here, even though along the edge the grain comes in at a really strange angle.

Since I sloped this section down, one thing I discovered that was really beautiful was the grain forms the same curve as the edge of the form, which is a really interesting aspect that I really enjoy about it. The switches don't feel too intrusive, which I'm glad about, and they don't look too unsightly. (I still wish I could have gotten them in white, but oh well!

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