Monday, August 12, 2013

CCDN 231: Phase Two

The first phase is completed, and I've decided to go with the chopping of the onions as my activity to pursue further. This interaction is an interesting one, as it really does engage all of the senses in my experience. Sight is activated by the visual element and excitement of chopping the onions, smell is definitely affected, touch and sound also provide ample stimulation, while taste is a bit of a dud. Some people pick up on a taste, like myself, while others ignore the taste component and/or don't sense it.

Subject 1: Henrietta
Focussed on visual stimuli as well as taste. As a synesthete, made particular mention of the sound looking yellow.

Subject 2: Mark
Focussed on aural stimuli. Made particular mention of his focus on his cutting technique.

Subject 3: Thomas/Tom
Focussed on visual and smell-based stimuli. Made mention of the disintegration of the onion from large to small.

Subject 4: Gemma
Focussed on tactile and smell-based stimuli. Made mention of many of the mundane aspects that others forgot, such as colour and form.

Subject 5: Michael
Focussed on tactile stimuli. Made particular mention of the feel of the onion in his hands.

Now, I have to plot said gathered data and figure it all out! What I plan to do is laser cut all the information I need to onto a wooden board and then use that wooden board as a base to connect a lot of data-placed nails together with different colours of string (signifying different sense stimulation) and then link those to the different subjects. I might do some other stuff too.

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