Wednesday, March 12, 2014

INDN 341: Developing Proper Solutions

After doing my sketches, I decided the best way to be able to convey the 3D concept would be to do a CAD model, so as to be able to totally visualise it myself. I want to create a very symmetrical form that allows the user to orient it any which way and still have it look great. I'm also going for a really minimal look, and am working within the confines of my material.

The material that I am using for the base is a beautiful piece of Ash, around which I designed the size of the light. In fact, for this project I'm trying to curb my spending as much as possible, and keep it to an absolute minimum and see what I can make with existing materials. I find that this pushes my

The 3D line CAD drawing gives a much better idea of how it all fits together, as you can see all the sections in a way that makes sense. I actually really enjoy looking at the aesthetic of this sort of "sketch". Maybe it just makes sense to me because I've spent a lot of time orbiting around it and putting all the components together around each other.

Unfortunately at the moment I can't get my rendering software to work properly, so I had to use Solidworks in-program rendering system, which to be fair, is pretty good, so I can't complain really. I used materials that I'm actually planning to use, so as to get it looking as close to the real deal as I can get it. I wasn't able to get the fabric cover on the top that I wanted, but that's mostly due to the fact that it's hard to model that sort of thing.

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