Tuesday, March 18, 2014

INDN 311: Presentation Slides

So, you've seen the design for the alarm project now, so I made some really cool diagrams and things to show it off to my tutors at the presentation today. These were to try and detail my concept to them so that they could get a clear idea of what was going on in my head surrounding these designs. I had a lot of fun creating the 3D-esque forms for the different pages of the presentation in Illustrator. I haven't had a chance to draw in isometric in a LONG time.

The first page of my presentation outlines some of the buzz-words I want to associate my project with, as well as things that I want to achieve with it. I've also included some of the international design blogs that I'd like to get my work onto, as well as the things it might be made with.

This page was the most fun to make, as I was able to then plot out how I wanted the whole thing to fit together. I really enjoyed the aesthetic that this whole piece had, especially in the way that the design was laid out. I got to learn some new tricks in Illustrator, as well as call upon some of the basic design elements that I learnt in First Year.

This big sucker was my attempt at a personal fritzing-like diagram for the circuitry. This is a really basic visualization of it, but you get the picture. The central Arduino controls the relay and the wave shield, while the lights and the arduino draw power from the DC adapter.

To actually create the illusion of the LEDs dimming without going out and buying expensive dimmers and dimmable LEDs, I've decided to implement a quad-relay dimming system, which according to my calculations, will provide 16 total levels of brightness, without altering voltage or amperage to any of the LEDs.

Last, but not least, I have my two sweet renders. Both are of the same thing, and came out looking totally awesome. To get the render looking the way it did, it required a lot of experimentation with Keyshot, especially with regards to getting the materials looking the way they did.

The second render gives a more general overview of the form. I get a lot of my inspiration from futuristic concept art, and this piece was no exception. I'm really looking forward to getting this design done and out there for the world to see!

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