Thursday, March 6, 2014

INDN 311: First Impressions

INDN 311 is the God paper for the first trimester of third year. We're allowed free roam, and encouraged to design and make something that will get our work on several prestigious design blogs. Essentially, it's a class where we get to focus on and make one cool project and get famous. That's the plan at least. On the other hand, the prospect of focussing one whole trimester into a single project is also equally scary. It's scary the concept of our entire course riding on that one project.

The brief for the project basically entails that the project should be something electronic that incorporates 3D printing into it. It's such a broad scope that I'm afraid I'll get lost in it. But, I think that as long as I stay focussed and play to my strengths, I should be okay. I need to however also make sure that I don't do a project that's too safe. I need to get into the habit of thinking outside the box a little bit more. I don't do that enough.

This design is incredible cool and utilises already rather well understood technology, which I really love. The notion of bringing the outside world into a space that might not get to experience the outside world much is an awesome concept. Iskandar states that bringing some elements in from outside in the form of light, sound and motion decrease stress levels and make a person feel more at ease with their work.

This project is another very clever one. By manipulating where the phone sits on the speaker system, the user controls whether the phone plays, stops or switches to the radio. It's an incredibly funky, minimal design that I really love. The thought of bringing the physical into something that nowadays has become so digital is a really nice touch that Victor made.

These puppies are awesome. Apparently they don't work so well for lower bass notes, but for higher-range sounds, they work a charm. According to MocoLoco, their is an option to join a subscription to a live stream of ambient noise from speakers posted up in the mountains of Takayama and Morotsuka in Japan. So if you wanted to, you could bring the sounds of birds and wildlife into your home. I like these a lot, especially how it's not immediately clear what they are, as well as for bringing the outside into somewhere that isn't outside.

The good night lamp is another really awesome use of internet connectivity. The concept is that when the big house is turned on or off, the matching small lamp anywhere else in the world (provided it is linked to the internet) mimics it. I really enjoyed seeing the ideas that the creators had for it's use, and it's a really clever way of communicating with people anywhere non-verbally.

This course is going to definitely be very challenging, but I think also has the potential to be the most rewarding!

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