Thursday, July 25, 2013

INDN 212: Lighting The Dark

So, as a way to figure out what I want to do for this project, I've enhanced the sketches that I did last time so that I can figure out exactly what I want to do for this project.

The desk lamp that I have is great, but like I said before, it has a variety of shortcomings. I want to mitigate these shortcomings by implementing various solutions into the re-vamped version. Since the lamp is close to my computer monitor, and I'm wanting to design the light around the workspace that my computer monitor dominates, one main option that I'm considering so that my light can save space is to actually attach the light to the base of the monitor itself, or alternatively, design it so that it fills up the space between the monitor and it's base.

Another option that I'm looking into for this is to build a light that could illuminate that same space from the side, but using minimal space as well. This design is shown in the main sketch, and could possibly involve a folding element, whereby the light could be folded away when not in use. Another option that could incorporate the folding element that I mentioned would be have the light built into the base of the monitor, but then it could have arms that fold out, illuminating the workspace from multiple angles, providing a wide, shadow-minimal workspace.

Another element I deem important for this is the aesthetic. One issue I have with my desk lamp is that it is reasonably functionally oriented in its aesthetic, and suffers a little bit when I compare it to other designed lamps with respect to beauty. It's got an aesthetic, but I just think it could be better. In some of my previous work, I found I really enjoyed employing a very futuristic aesthetic.

This brought up the idea of possibly employing parts of it to be the functional elements, and other parts of it to be the aesthetic mood-lighting type of parts. This could form a successful aesthetic that might be a bit gimmicky if I don't do it right, but if I do, it could look super cool.

To achieve this, I need to look at some forms and colour palettes that might be conducive to my project. To achieve this, I really need to think of what makes futuristic designs tick. Simple colours, a low amount of different colours, as well as simple, considered textures, all of those make up a well executed futuristic design.

To start off my work with lamps, I acquired a low voltage power supply that should still be legal (Brief wise), as it lowers the voltage to acceptable levels. (3 - 12 volts) I'm looking forward to actually starting the physical part of this project. 

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