Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MDDN 242: Creating Faces

So, the new project that I have to do for a totally different class this year, (MDDN 242, an actual Media paper!) involves designing a face that responds to a volume input and changes; or sings it, so to speak.

To start off the project, we first had to come up with a small legion of faces, and for that I drew a lot of influence from pop culture, as well as coming up with a lot of fresh material.

At first, I really wanted to make something quite complex, but eventually I decided I'd much rather do something simple with a good deal of abstraction. I started on the idea of a comical face, but this eventually led on to something a little more serious.

The first chap I went with as one of my final three was a very expressive emoticon-type of face, which would not enjoy the actual singing. I wanted it to really suffer when doing the singing, and express this in the way it was portrayed.

This face was definitely headed in the direction I wanted to go. Using minimal lines, and just some very basic forms, I could create an expression-full face. This one is a little bit more evil looking, and seems to be demonically enjoying the singing it's doing.

The final form my face took was in the form of a strange, rectilinear spiral form. I really liked this form that the face took, as it gives it both a minimalist and a busy aesthetic. Using only simple lines, I can actually get a fairly large amount of expression out of the face, and it should be perfect to sing the song that I have in mind.

The song that I have in mind is this, as it is a strong vocal rendition of the song, and being just the vocals, the face will react better and really look like it is singing the song. Plus, everyone knows the song so well that they don't need to hear the instruments to imagine them.

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