Wednesday, July 17, 2013

INDN 212: A New Hope

So, with a new trimester beginning, It's time to start knuckling down and doing some damage once more. I'm doing three courses this trimester again, the three being:

INDN 212: Product Based Experiments
CCDN 231: Experimental Design Ideas
MDDN 242: Computer Graphics Production

All of the classes are follow-ons from previous classes, so I'm really looking forward as to what they have in store for me. The first class that I've received a project for is INDN 212, and it revolves around light. We have to take an existing product and modify it.

I've got a few ideas for this. One of the words that was tossed around was portable, and I think I potentially want to focus on both sides of that project. Possibly something that is both portable,  and yet still stable on it's own as well. I think for me to figure out exactly what I want I also need to establish an ideal use for my product. Potentially it could be something has two purposes that come with the portable and non portable aspect, or it could fulfil the same purpose in two different ways.

My first idea revolves around the humble hand torch. The hand torch has a successful place in our homes as an item that we only use when something goes wrong, as normally there's no reason to use it. Perhaps we're too familiar with our homes, that even in the darkest conditions, we still have little difficulty navigating our way? Or maybe it's designated in our minds as something that needs to be used in emergencies?

Another idea that I think could be an option is something along the lines of a desk lamp. The reason for looking at something like this is because I have an issue with my own desk lamp, as it takes up too much space on my own diminutive desk. I really like the idea of having something that hangs from my ceiling, something that I can re-direct and re-place at will. One of the ideas for this came from the extractor fans that we have in the high dust room of our wood workshop, as these are re-positionable and I find them a great hand.

So an idea that I had involving a desk lamp could be to remove the base completely, and re-position the "base" on the ceiling or wall, freeing up space on the desk, while still retaining the manoeuvrability of the desk lamp head, as well as the versatility that it offers. Another idea about it that I really liked was incorporating fibre optic cables, that would allow the light to "pour" down from the ceiling. If I had the time, the knowledges, the money, and the experience, what I'd really like to do would be to have this device hanging from the ceiling with a water-tap-style switch that would be a dimmer control, as that would really complete the lighting experience that I'd be trying to achieve with that. Combining a lighting experience with something that is very distinctly not a lighting element would be awesome. Definitely a potential idea. Might store that one for something later.

Another idea that I had involves 2-dimensional workspace lighting, as in only lighting a small, highly specific space. The problem that I'm trying to address here is as such: when I work at my computer, I often am working with something physical in front of the monitor at the same time. This can sometimes cause an issue, as I like to be able to see my monitor well without getting glare from my desk lamp. As such, I have to have my lights down low, and my desk lamp hovering over my hands to get the lighting that I desire. This obscures my view of what I'm doing sometimes. The idea that I have is a modification to my desk lamp so that it doesn't take up much space and can light up my workspace from low down. Perhaps something along that lines of this?

I really think that this idea has a lot of potential. The key aspect is controlling the flow of the light so that it doesn't head towards to the computer monitor, and directing it evenly across the work. One problem I could foresee would be an issue with shadows off to one side, however this could be mitigated with a large spread and diffuser over the lamp, or alternatively with a second lamp on the opposing side of the work.

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