Wednesday, July 17, 2013

INDN 212: Re-Designing 101

So, one of my main problems at the moment is that I'm thinking too big. I'm thinking too much about what to make and not enough about actually re-designing the object I'm looking at. While I like the idea of designing something new, it's not what the brief is calling for, so I need to take a step back. I think the first step is to decide on what object to choose.

At present I'm looking at the torch and the desk lamp. The torch is a relatively unique project that takes an uncountably huge number of forms, all attempting to solve a very similar set of problems, some with more success than others. I hate terribly made crappy plastic torches. I like something that is well made, has some weight, and has a good light. Torches are quite unique from a psychological point of view, as they form the tool for cutting through the darkness in a place where electrical outputs don't exist and/or don't work. They have substituted a place originally held by fire, and as a result, have a certain resemblance as a symbol of "hope" and as a "light in the dark". In my eyes, torches should be comforting as well as useful. Fear or the dark is extremely common, and torches serve to cut through that darkness, but they do little to make that trip to the bathroom any easier despite lighting a very specific cone of your vision.

Perhaps the torch could also provide comfort to the user. It could provide warmth perhaps, or maybe it could have a light at the other end so that it illuminates the ground in a lantern fashion as well as providing forward illumination for the user.

As for the desk lamp, it exists as a utility, a light that serves a very specific, useful, function. It doesn't fill a very emotional function, unless the work is emotionally driven or fulfilling, in which case it serves to aid said work and drive the ability to work whenever a person wants. Re-designing the desk lamp is more about upgrading its function and making it better suited for the space than increasing its emotional contribution.

As I mentioned before, the interest in developing the desk lamp is very much to upgrade it's usability, as well as seeking to make it a better work tool.

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I did a bit of research into desk lamps and found this little beauty, and I really like it. I think this desk lamp has so much character! I could almost imagine it rolling around on it's base, looking at things and interacting with other robot-like creatures. I think it's very beautiful.

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Again, this is another very cute desk lamp. I think it almost has a children's toy feel to it, with it's use of colour and wood. It still feels very functional however, and hopefully those red points allow actual motion rather than just being purely static. Either way, it's very pretty. I really want to explore the possibility of mounting a lamp on the wall or ceiling, as that really explores the ideas that I came up with before.

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