Sunday, April 13, 2014

INDN 341: All Strapped Up!

Now that the crane is finished, all I had to do was "wire" the whole thing up and put it together.
First, I had to connect all the pieces to the frame with some black rope that I bought, The black rope also served as the "tensile wires" for the crane. I routed out the slots for the modified spray wand to sit, and it fits quite well.
Since this is just a proof of concept, I didn't really fancy doing something too intense. It's just a simple mechanism to trigger the spray, so it's nice and easy to use for now. Obviously if my project got picked, we'd want to make an automatic triggering system, which would allow for people to just press a button and have the system work.

By modulating the pressure, you can get nice and even coverage over an area, as I discovered. I'm going to be honest, I didn't actually use someone's head for these as I didn't want to spray anyone with ink. No-one would really have wanted to be a part of that. But a piece of card has no say in it's existence.

This was with the card placed flush to the receiving layer. It worked really well, and the clarity of the shape is very obvious.

On attempt two, I suspended the shape from the page, emulating a more real head shape. The result was a little more destructive.

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