Thursday, April 10, 2014

INDN 311: Model That Final Form Now!

For this project, I want to create something unique, something that will be innovative and use pre-existing technology in an interesting way. I want to make something that makes an interesting use of materials, as well as being a really minimal design that really exemplifies the use of technology.

By positioning the iPhone inside the build, it serves the phone as both a safe location as well as a point for it to create it's light display. The doughnut shape of the glass receptacle on top I chose so that I could get an interesting medium (shape-wise) to play with for the light display. By limiting the light to that point as well as placing a void space in the middle for the light, it should also force the light from the phone to be more specific in terms of its final location. The cork in the middle of the form will allow the doughnut shape of the transmitted light to be more directed in it's shape.

This should allow me to have the app designed purely around this circular form, which makes for something really interesting in a design sense. I should be able to split the different parts of the circle up into segments and display different things and colours on them. By doing this, I could be able to generate various selections of colour and as a result, various different moods through colour combinations.

In terms of the look of the final object, I want to keep it really nice and simple. I love the look of a more subdued wood, such as oak or ash. I want to strike a balance between classy and everyman. Taking inspiration from firms such as Braun, I went with a design that was really clean. I also managed to achieve a dual functionality by building in a simple slot into the top of the design. This slot allows for the user to place their phone in a more upright position and use it as a normal stand during the daytime.

I want to make the central piece out of glass (get it blown with the guy up at the main campus). The choice of glass is to allow the vibrations to translate well into the water. By using a more rigid material, these subtle movements translate better. I'm tossing up making small holes at the four corners of the imagined square, but I think, keeping in Dieter Rams' lest design tenet "Good Design should be as little design as possible", I think I might omit them.

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