Thursday, April 10, 2014

INDN 341: Physical Componentry & Experimentation

After acquiring all the parts to my device, I then  decided to do some experiments with how I could get things to look like they properly should. To test the potential of the project, I wish I had some pieces of the water-sensitive paper, but unfortunately that's not going to happen in time for the presentation. In stead, I'm going to do my tests with ink, as the effect is similar.

Loading up the ink into my pressure sprayer tank, I first had to take a shot of the ink dispersing into the water, as no matter how often I see that, I always think it's so beautiful. There's something purely stunning about the way the ink connects in such a weirdly stringy way.

Once I had mixed up the ink with the water, I was able to do some tests. In theory, the results should be the exact same as with the water. For the presentation, I'm going to show a very simplified version of what I want to achieve. I believe that this project has the potential to end up being something very beautiful, with a beautiful overall look and a beautiful output.

One thing I found is that if I try this again, I have to be pretty liberal with the ink, as I needed quite a bit to get a dark enough effect for it to be significant. For the presentation I will also have to be quite selective with the paper that I use. If I use paper that isn't absorbent enough, I will have a big mess on my hands, literally. If I use a highly absorbent paper, then I should be able to show the resultant outcome rather nicely.

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