Wednesday, April 16, 2014

INDN 311: Final Looksy!

For the final presentation I also wanted to have some sweet renders to show, so alongside with the one from before, I also wanted to have a bit of coolness factor to go with my design process. Because people always love pretty stuff, right?

All of the renders experimented with the same structure and layout to the whole thing. Just manipulating the materials got me to thinking about what material I'd like to make the device from. Obviously, I have a certain affinity for beautiful timber, so there's always that to consider. I want to be able to make things that I love, and at the end of this day it's going to be something for me.

Other materials I should consider is things like extruded aluminium or plastic though, as well as a pure 3D printed material. That said, if I'm going to 3D print, then I'd want to make the design more expressive of that materiality, rather than doing the standard design and 3D printing, which would end up rather blocky.

After considering different options, I decided to do two different group renders, showing off the different materials I might consider. The wood on the far left would be something like a walnut or jarra, while the next along would be something akin to an oak or beech. Followed by a black, brown and white matte plastic.

Aaaaand of course I had to do some different shiny metal renders, for kicks. Till next time!

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