Wednesday, April 9, 2014

INDN 311: Water-borne Projections

To continue my forays into the dark underbelly of interface design, I want to create an interesting harmony between the physical device and the digital interface. One of the parts that I'm keen to explore with is the possibility of creating a harmony that is specifically designed so. In this instance, what I'm looking at is lining up the screen display with a physical cut into the design. The way the form is looking at the moment is to have a glass-blown cylindrical flat container.

The clincher for this design is the at the design has to incorporate a cork or some stopper somewhere. The problem with this is that the cork will block part of my screen. As opposed to trying to fight this concept, I decided to embrace it in stead. I'm embracing the doughnut shape.

After thinking about this prospect for a bit, I decided that actually that's not such a bad idea really! I quite like the concept of just using the doughnut shape, as in itself it's still actually quite aesthetic.

The possibilities with the doughnut shape are pretty fun to play with and also quite varied. Another aspect of the design that I enjoy are the possibility that the centralised cork design will also shield the screen from blending the different colours too much through the water.

In an ideal world, you will be able to see a perfect rendition of this screen on your roof, but for obvious physical reasons, this isn't going to happen. It's going to be blurred, the colours will blend, and the way that the shapes will transmit through the water will make for an interesting state.

I still think that overall the project still has a lot of potential, especially in the way that the digital blends with the physical to create something non-tangible. The art of moving the different portions of the circle will also change the way the resultant ceiling image looks. Colour shifts would be quite pronounced, and motion between strong contrasts would be possible.

I experimented with creating the illusion of a vague landscape on the screen using only the different segments of the doughnut. I really like the result, as you can actually kind of imagine the different landscapes projected by the doughnut.

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