Thursday, March 14, 2013

INDN 252: Final Biomechanics

For this section, I adopted a unique aesthetic, and went for a very interesting split of the images. I sought to make sure that the areas of interest on the skin were highlighted, while still allowing the viewer to maintain an overview and understand what was going on.

I also wanted to maintain a position that was very much about observing the body and the movements it makes, so I wanted to make the graphics very exploratory. The white points denote the location of specific scientific points on and around the lips, including muscles, skin points and oddities. I also used those points to show points of interest during the motion.

I used extremely subtle writing on the left side of each image to look at the muscles and points on the face that had elements of control on the expressions.


Aggressive. Challenging. Primal.

Creative. Sonorous. Cheerful.

Strange. Funny. Silly.

Calm. Inviting. Friendly.

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