Wednesday, March 13, 2013

INDN 211: Looking At Form

After analysing the corporate culture I want to aim my gift at, I've decided that I need to look at what my object should be inspired by, more than other things.

Since I'm trying to go for something that encourages growth and the evolution of a relationship, looking at the organic seems a logical conclusion. When we think of growth, a plant seed is almost the quintessential concept of that ideal. Nothing really grows in quite the natural way that a see does. So using a seed as a precedent for my design seems exceedingly logical.

My next step was to look at what the design would actually be. Since it would have to be functional to at least a small degree, I felt that it could be something that isn't completely a functioning device or gift, but rather something that both represents and harbours the idea of growth.

What if my sculptural item both was and harboured/protected the seed? As in an actual seed. That would put my item in the realm of something useful, namely a plant pot / vase. The plant could grow out of the top of the "seed" and would be completing the growth of the "seed".

Allowing an obviously inanimate object to flourish and "come to life" would be a very abstract way of creating the metaphor of the seed. Next, I'll have to make the item an elegant gift, corresponding with the nature of the corporate culture.

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