Thursday, March 21, 2013

INDN 252: Project 2 Explorations

So, now that the second project is well and truly pouncing on us, I decided to grab it by the horns and do some work on getting some idea of how the joint I've chosen works. The joint I've chosen to pursue and understand, ultimately developing a model based on an abstraction of; is the knee.

After doing my dissection on the cow's knee, I am completely fascinated by the structure of the tendons, bones, and ligaments that make up this magnificent joint. Enabling us to walk effectively and efficiently, it is one of several keystones that makes us human. Without it, we would not be walking, or running.

Some of the concepts that I came up with prompted me to have a really good, in-depth look at the bone shapes of the knee, because in this section, I was very much drawing off memory. Which, as we all know, can lead you astray to a degree.

This drawing of the knee is far superior, and shows much more realistic detail for what I need. I drew this using an x-ray and several diagrams as a reference. I tried to dumb down the knee to the much basic elements, and then connected it with the most crucial tendons/ligaments.

Can't wait to develop this further!

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