Monday, March 25, 2013

INDN 211: Thinking Organic

One of the things I need to give some thought is what plant I want to put into my gift. I feel this is a pretty important consideration, as what plant I use will define the contrasts in my gift, as well as define how the gift is taken on board.

If I were, for example, to use a red rose plant, I might be sending the wrong message in my gift. What could be rather interesting would be if the plant were a bit messy and a bit incoherent, while the sculptural form itself takes on the guise of high class.

This juxtaposition could definitely work in my favour, and choosing a cute little plant to intersect with the high class feel of the vase/pot would give that sense of a need to protect the plant. Part of the theme I'm going with for this project is that I want the receiver to think of the gift as the suggestion of a relationship, a relationship-to-be in a way. Therefore the growth of this plant would harmonise with the growth of the corporate relationship.

Another method to decide and define the culture I'm trying to come from is my choice of plant. Since I'm aiming to come from a personal background, my current home being New Zealand and all, it makes sense to choose a plant that can exemplify New Zealand.

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A logical choice of plant would of course be the fern, since it is used in logos that we slap on almost anything NZ these days. It's been suggested as a sigil for an NZ Republic flag, as well as plastered onto countless sports teams. Sadly, my model won't be big enough for a proper fern, but a small one might work.

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Sadly the beauties shown above won't fit into my little vase, but what will very much successfully fit is a smaller cousin of theirs. The plant I have in mind will definitely still be an NZ native, so that it remains in keeping with the extra element of the New Zealand culture that I've decided to incorporate. I found just the plant the other day. And it is ridiculously cute.

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Isn't it adorable? This little baby is what I have in mind for growing out of my little corporate gift. It will juxtapose the harsh, cruel world of the corporate with a small plant. The plant will signify the growing relationship between two corporate giants, in such an innocent, profound way. That is what I'm trying to go for. That is what I'm trying to achieve.

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