Tuesday, March 12, 2013

INDN 252: The Face In Motion

 The second part of our project for Physiology is to study a specific part of the body and the motions it has the ability to carry out. Veering away from the alien landscape concept, I decided to study the movement of the mouth and it's surrounding area.

I decided that the best way to study these motions would be to take 4 sequential photos, so that then I have something to work with that has enough flow. I wanted to capture the expression on the lips in motion, looking at the movement of the skin and the lips, primarily.

The first motion sequence that I decided I would do is a whistling motion, one that looks at the lips curling inwards, pulling the skin around the cheeks quite taught. This makes for a sort of constricted lip band, with interestingly tight skin structure.

This is sort of an under-bite expression, which my sister and I call the "piranha". It involves pulling the bottom lip back, baring the teeth at the bottom of the mouth and making an interesting circular shape at the bottom corners of the mouth.

This one is really simple. Just a simple, basic smile. My smile is a bit strange though in the sense that it is oddly lopsided and asymmetrical, which makes for quite an interesting motion of the skin. The skin forms severe smile lines on one side on my face, while the other side of the face is relatively untouched.

By far the most aggressive of the facial expressions, the baring of the teeth is very extreme in terms of the facial warping it creates. The teeth are fully exposed. The lips pull at the way back, creating intense wrinkling in the cheeks.

Now to come up with some nifty little graphics!

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