Sunday, March 10, 2013

INDN 252: Initial Shoot

So, after my primary sort of test shoot, I moved into the ergonomics lab, and started doing some proper photos there, where there were lots of advanced lighting systems to play around with.

Some of the images are definitely workable, but after talking to the tutors, I want to re-shoot all of these, except for the first one. One of the phrases that was thrown around with regards to my body was "Alien Landscape", which I've decided will be the theme of my graphics for the anomalies.

Going to try some graphics on this one, maybe suggesting the moles are like star clusters or galaxies. I've got to make sure they're kept really really subtle, though. It would work quite well with the whole alien landscape thing, so it's a keeper.

For this one, I want to look at a combination of the tendon sticking up as well as the odd bone shapes in the background. Possibly hinting at a landscape formation? This one warrants a re-shoot though, so as to perfect the focus a bit more.

This photo is great, but I need to think about re-shooting with a higher or lower angle on the chest, and also cropping the nipple to halfway, so as to make it a point of reference to the image, however not making it a main feature. The chest cavity needs to be the main focus, and it could possibly be implied as a collision crater?

This image feels very "water on Mars", so I'm inclined to keep it, however, I think there could be more of a focus on the variety of different skin textures in the photo here. So it also warrants a re-shoot.

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