Wednesday, March 13, 2013

INDN 252: Revamped and Refocussed

So, after my reshoot, I did some work on the photos. Some of them were simply infinitely superior to the previous ones, due to my knowing exactly what I wanted to achieve, and my partner Chris being very skilled in achieving that.

I took my tutors comments into account, and adapted my photos slightly to achieve a better result. One of the aspects I focussed on heavily was the amount of negative space I wanted to work with. The main reason for this is that I really want to enhance the alien landscape imagery, and working with the negative space allows the image to convey a sense of space and sky.

Image of Gale Crater by Curiosity, Image acquired from:

I drew a lot of inspiration from the images of Mars taken by the various rovers. The landscape feels so alien and yet so close to us at the same time. I tried to replicate the feel of the strangeness of the Martian landscape through a combination of strange, closeup, unrecognisable but strangely familiar forms.

For this image, I wanted to reverse the shadows I had previously, so as to give the form a more believable grounding in a natural geographical form. The shadow creates more depth in the image, allowing us to see into the form, making us form a 3-D scape in our minds that shouldn't work.

The darkness of the skin in my pigeon chest allows for some great shots, especially when used in strong combination with the negative space. The dark centre draws the eye, while the even darker nipple provides a point of reference for the viewer.

I still can't quite get over how weird this skin looks. So mottled and transparent, letting all the veins show straight through the skin.

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