Friday, May 16, 2014

INDN 341: Idea Expansion- Creation & Destruction

Creating- Dye Experiments 

Experimenting with dye expansion as another way to mark out the shapes of the users hands or face, as the original idea of the paper that changed colour when exposed to water only comes in limited small sizes, and would not be big enough to comfortably fit someone's face or hand.

This also makes it easier for supply and demand as this way, this paper will be unlimited and easy to source.

We also looked at air brushing techniques, however this technique was dismissed as it could end up leaving colour on the users face, and this could deteriorate the audience from using the confessional.

How it worked- We placed small dots of concentrated dye in row form on the paper, creating a handmade paper effect. The user then placed their hand on this paper and it was squirted with water, causing a spread out affect which stopped at the users hand, creating a fill of negative background, and a hand shape was left untouched.

Destruction- Clothesline
Looking at ways to destroy the paper, we started to think about the material of the paper, we came to the conclusion that the safest and easiest way (via supply) would be to use either rice paper or paper we made ourselves out of PVA. this way it could be destroyed in a safe way as we could just use water in the same way we have been looking at in the creation process.

Our first idea for destruction poses similarly to a clothesline, hense the name. The confessions get pegged up along a line that runs the length of the room with 2 stations at either end, much like a ski lift, when the confession passes through one of these stations, it gets a heavy dowse of water, soaking it and destroying the confession whilst disconnecting it from the line.

Additionally we also looked at other possible ways of the destruction process, a cloud of fog that was contained to certain parts of the line that slowly decomposed the confession a little more every time it passed through.

Or having the line wall-mounted around a whole room, and having a curtain of water or foam that travels slowly against the wall with a catchment at the bottom, that could soak the confession as it passes through.

An idea we had but dismissed due to lack of mysticism was the idea of once the confession was pegged onto the line it sent a signal to a machine that would process whereabouts on the line the confession had been placed, and would then send a motor down a parallel line to stop directly opposite the confession. it would then send a steady stream of water onto the confession to cause it to disintegrate and fall off. 

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