Thursday, May 15, 2014

INDN 311: Added Components

After talking to my lecturer, we decided that I should also look at making a base for the phone to sit on, because the vibrations from the phone would make a buzzing noise on the table. Since I'm making the cork out of, well, seemed like a logical conclusion to also consider making the base out of the same stuff.

The cork would look nice, but another option that was discussed was the possibility of using a natural coloured piece of felt, to get the tri-material thing going on. A nice shade of felt, alongside glass and cork, would work rather nicely.

I've started assembling the cork for the bottle. Unfortunately the cork that I could get hold of was too thin to make cork, so I had to layer up a whole bunch of slices and glue them together. Once I have the glass bottle back from the glass blower, then I will be able to assemble the whole thing, as well as start shaping the cork stopper.

I got the wool felt from Made On Marion (an awesome arts & crafts store near Te Aro campus, definitely work a checking out if you're in the area!), and then I laser cut it. Laser cutting the wool was not fun, as since the wool is essentially oily hair, it absolutely stank when a high powered laser burnt it. Resultantly, to try and combat that, I have hand washed one of the circles that I made and am now in the process of letting it dry.

To cut the cork, I etched it with the laser first, to mark out my cutting lines, and then cut it with the scroll saw. This proved to be a bit easier than previously thought, and actually achieved some pretty good results. Of course the sides need a bit of sanding, but essentially the large circle shape is there. I decided to do both a wool circle and a felt circle to be able to look at which one looks and works the best.

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