Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MDDN 314: Build's Up!

For a while, the moulded fabric that I created was just left loose and experimented with as such. After a few experiments I realised that it really wasn't going to be good enough for the project hand-in, and demanded a resultant redesign. I wanted the design to be minimal and highlight just the main components of the design that do the working.

To hold the cloth, I built a small timber frame out of some wood that I had lying around. That part was really fun. I miss building things. So many of my projects this year have just revolved around digital techniques and visuals that it felt really relaxing to make something, even if it was super simple.

The fabric was actually surprisingly easy to attach to the wood frame, using just an upholstery gun to affix it. I trimmed off the excess fabric and then attached four small wood sections to the four corners, to allow for attaching the legs.

The legs were something I unfortunately didn't photograph, but they turned out to be significantly easier than I initially supposed. I thought at first that I would make them out of wood too, but then decided that the whole composition would work a lot better if I used very thin spindly legs to allow the project to sway back and forth a bit, as well as create a very basic illusion of floating. To do this, I drilled a small hole into each of the four corners, and then slotted a meter-long 3.2mm thick mild steel rod into each hole. The whole piece immediately had a much more pronounced and severe appearance that worked well with the abstract composition I wanted to project!

Coming soon, the code integrated into the project properly!

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