Friday, May 30, 2014

MDDN 314: Behind The Scenes - analog X digital

Originally intended as the final video, this video captures some of the more Behind-The-Scenes sort of footage. I actually really enjoyed the style of this video more than the final video, but unfortunately, you have to please the judges and the brief sometimes, especially when you have time to actually do so. Being nearly finished with the project more than a week in advance has it's benefits in that regard. At least I actually got the time to make adjustments prior to hand-in, rather than finding out later that I missed the mark.

The reception of the video was good but not amazing. That's fine though, because I can easily build on that from here. I really want to build on the notion of the project being something that dominates the video, rather than just a player in the video.

Some of the production photos that my flatmate Michael got were really good too. This one is interesting, because the light coming off the reflection of the underside of the projection table isn't from the code running, but rather the light behaving weirdly from a mostly white projection. Strange stuff.

Testing and playing with the interactivity of the projection is a lot of fun. I don't know whether to build the project beyond here into something that is completely interactive or leave it as it is, relying off the soundtrack I designed.

The projection turned out really well because of the beauty it generates. The interaction with it through making sounds as well as simply being there are quite potent, so I want to explore this concept further, after the project concludes.

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