Sunday, May 25, 2014

INDN 311: A Critical Re-Focus

One of the problems that came out of the interim presentations was that the lecturer didn't really like the design of the little bottle-lens I had made. The opinions flying around were that it was too thick and a bit unwieldy, and didn't really express the design of the phone as well. This is a sentiment that I can appreciate, as unfortunately the bottle did come back a fair bit thicker than I had originally designed. But oh well, even if I don't use it (which at this point I probably won't), it will still make a nice little ornament that I designed. Might even be able to give it away as a little present some day!

The first thing that I looked at was potentially isolating just the lens and then seeing if I could use just that piece of glass, as opposed to the pre-existing metal lens casing. Apparently removing the lens from it's casing requires a very specific tool. Another suggestion that came from the lecturer was that I should get the glass blower to make a small dip in the top of the middle of lens, in order to allow for the water to still be a component in the design. The rationale for this is that the water was what made the whole design special, and not just a lens on a phone. The vibrations of the phone could still vibrate the water too, and achieve a certain result.

In order to encase the lens and make it work with the phone, I decided that working with an aluminium frame on the lens would help unify the aesthetic between the lens and the phone. This also serves the purpose of raising the lens up from the phone, improving the lens' effectiveness. I have a feeling though that I can improve the lens' effectiveness as well as how it holds water even further. Stay tuned.

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