Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MDDN 314: New Code

After looking at the various ways in which I want to actually project, and now that I have a clear idea in my head as to how the build of the project is going to work, I can actually work on getting the code to the point that it works with the specific set-up I have in mind for my installation.

One of the primary objectives I gave myself was to get the peaks of of the "mountains" in the real structure to feature in the digital projection, and therefore amplify their physical presence, as well as highlight their importance to the code. To exemplify this, I built in pulsing circles into the code, circles which decay as they spread out across the surface of the projection. The rationale for the circles was that they spread out in a very linear way, but the non-linearity of the physical surface would allow the circles to create a predictable but still mildly erratic visual play on the surface.

The second aspect I added enabled the viewer to understand the locations on the "landscape" and how they related to the moving triangular forms. By making and plotting the small connective line, the viewer can trace the point to the peaks of the mountains in the structure.

The pulse in combination with the connective lines allow the user to perceive a more interesting and structured projection. The projection interacts with the 3 dimensionality of the installation, causing interesting effects and results.

The resultant look for the new code on the fabric is very interesting. I had to create my set-up so that I could actually write the code, as I had to map the points of the mountains into the code itself.

The colours and the lines create a more dynamic experience, as sometimes the colours can blur together a bit, which can be a bit troublesome. Soon I'll be taking my set up to the photography lab to get some real action going!

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