Wednesday, May 21, 2014

INDN 341: Inspirations

When researching precedents, we arrived at several different works that helped shape our final form. We had already arrived on our idea for the project through group discussion, and used these in part to influence how we wanted the project to look and perform.

"Melted Captain" - Valerie Hegarty, 2011

Valerie Hegarty uses a melting aesthetic in the majority of her works, and we wanted to emulate this in some respect. By applying water to either PVA paper we made ourselves, or thin paper such as rice paper, we will be able to achieve the desired effect. We really like this quality, as it adds a mystical aspect to the disappearing paper.

"Ribbon Snake" - Len Lye, c. 1965

The mechanical aesthetic of this Len Lye piece was a large inspiration for the wall mounted conveyor belt design. The kinetic aspect was also a factor in our design process, as we knew we wanted the project to move in some regard, and this rubbery, bouncy sculpture was very similar to what we imagined the project to be like, and reaffirmed our initial designs.

"Rotozaza II" - Jean Tinguely, 1967

This sculpture was the perfect example we were looking for in terms of the destruction aspect we were after. It performs almost exactly how we want the conveyor belt of destruction to work, and is also quite similar in aesthetic to our initial sketches.

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