Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DSDN 101 Project 2: Prelim. Storyboard 1

My preliminary storyboard for my idea of the word: King

At present this is my favourite idea. It ties in all the elements that are important to me at present. I really want my story to have an interesting narrative, as well as an element of surprise and humour. I want my letters to have their own characters and personalities, as well as little ticks and elements that make them special.

King works rather well as a word as it gives me those opportunities. The presentation of the i as the doomed king really shows off a character that is hated for his arrogance. However, at the same time, we feel empathy for the king since he shows his human side too, where we see his elation at being crowned.

The sounds I have in mind for this animation have a certain "cute" feel to them, as if we are watching small creatures play out the scene. 

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