Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DSDN 101 Project 2: Prelim. Storyboard 3

My preliminary storyboard for my idea of the word: Voracious

Voracious is a much more fun word than the first two storyboards. The creation of the beast that in an odd way is rather comical. I have visions of it making odd "yuck!" sounds when it vomits up the i again after it can't eat it. One of the inspirations for this one originated with a friend's idea for the word "monster", where the M grows and eats one of the other letters in the word.

The idea of a "comical" beast is funny, and adding humour to one's film clip just can't be a bad thing!

The banding together of the letters to form a beast appeals to me as it isn't really constructing. The letters still stay in their rightful place, they just move a little closer.

One of my main doubts for this idea though is the fluidity of the movements for the beast itself. I can't see how I'm going to make the beasts movements actually look real. I'll get there.

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