Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DSDN 101 Project 2: Preliminary Brainstorming

Some preliminary brainstorming for the One Word Film!

I've noticed with other people's ideas, there are usually two very consistently different paths that people have taken with regards to the style of their video at it's most basic level. Route 1 is to give each letter it's own character. That character, if it is the main one, generally has its own distinctive motions and will act like something alive (or dead). Route 2 tends to be to assemble characters and shapes and ideas out of multiple or single iterations of the letters in their chosen word. 

Route 1 is far more minimalist and uniquely innovative, however it falls short on ease of creation. Getting individual letters to move like real beings and still look like letters is no easy feat. Route 2 allows for much more visible concepts, however it suffers a little more in terms of innovation.

Both routes ultimately can create beautiful films. Most of mine revolve around the first route, which appeals to me more. I want to create a cute kind of narrative for the word.

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