Sunday, April 14, 2013

INDN 211: The Seed

Woah. It's over. That was an amazing project, most importantly from a purely learning perspective. I learnt so much about things I had no prior knowledge about. My work found a direction, it found a style, and it found a form.

The idea behind my project is a gift aimed at a corporate culture. The proposition of a relationship is an extremely important gesture in business circles, and can lay the foundations for multi-million-dollar partnerships. The concept of my idea is that the gift embodies a suggestion of growth and transmutation, both through its form and its contents, inspiring the receiver to nurture both the plant and the new relationship. Inspired by the form of a seed and containing two New Zealand Natives, The Seed is a contemporary expression of a high-class NZ corporate gift.

A simple interaction.

 Yielding beautiful results.

 In any location.

I'm really pleased with how this project turned out. The way I overcame faults allowed me to further expand on my culture of NZ-based corporate culture. The swamp totara I ended up using for the top segment was apparently over 2000 years old, allowing to me build a piece of New Zealand history into my piece. This for me really allowed my piece to become something very corporate and special. Staining the wood, but allowing its grain to shine through really allows the gift to be high class, while still holding onto its roots and maintaining a clear connection to the natural world.

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