Thursday, April 4, 2013

INDN 211: A Tactical Re-Think

While at the last stage, one of the things that has been preying on my mind a bit is the amount of material lost through the work of the band saw. Sadly there wasn't another way of doing, except save maybe re-doing the whole piece again, just so I could saw off the minutest of minutiae of less material. Something which I really don't want to do.

One of my tutors called me out on that fact, so it's definitely something I have to fix. She told me that my work looked unfinished, and a bit sloppy. Sadly, I'm inclined to agree with her. The top section not covering everything just looks a bit weak, and it needs definite improvement.

Another element that looks unconsidered is the edge between the top and the bottom sections. The top segment has a slightly smaller flat edge, but it's not small enough to feel like a considered difference. It just doesn't look high class enough to belong in a corporate setting. So, something needs to be done about it.


My tutor and I went through some options, one of which was the possibility of doing the top section in a totally different material, as that would allow for a correction on my part. Plus, it would allow me to explore an element of materials that wasn't a concern before. The difference between the pieces at top and bottom is a bit low-level, and doesn't really explore a difference of materials that could have been more investigated.

Fortunately for me, the whole class has received an extension on the project, which gives me more time to play out some ideas that didn't see full fruition earlier in the project, which to be honest, I'm very glad about. I knew most of the comments about my work anyway, but I was mostly in denial about the problems and was choosing to look past them. 

So yeah, refinement is needed.

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