Saturday, April 27, 2013

INDN 252: Ring Precedents, Concepts & Sketches!

So, the new project is something I've been thinking about rather a lot, and I decided it was high time to get some sketching done. Some of the idea that I've come up with for this project have been a little bit outlandish, so it's time to solidify it into something that will actually work out nicely.

Leading on from the previous project, I really wanted to nail down an aesthetic/style for the ring design. So I started off with some basic sketches, encouraging my mind to wander to all sorts of different areas, not dismissing any ideas as ridiculous.

So I started off with some basic sketches. Starting from the top left, I first toyed with the idea of something that has a plait-like, wound structure,  the edging of which could provide an interesting fit to the finger. Since that is what this project is really about; finding an interesting way of fitting the ring to the finger. 

The next idea I toyed with was a much more geometric, much more pattern-like form. The concept of diamond shapes encasing the finger would allow for a more interesting structure on the outside, but aesthetics isn't really what this project is about, so to speak.

Using a collection of spheres in the next idea really toys with a variability of size creating a strangely perfect fit would make the ring rather chunky, and yet still rather weak. It would've been very reliant on the small connection points between the spheres.

The next one plays on the idea of the first one, but with much more of a defined central aesthetic point. The structure of that one is completely flipped in the one following it, as it is built on randomness, while at the same time remaining enslaved to a pattern of sorts.

After toying with various states of entropy, I moved on to a series of rings exploring patterns and regularity. Starting with squares, moving onto hexagons, followed by a linear zig-zag pattern. The rings all feel too regular. While regularity is nice, at the same time, chaos adds a much more crazy element, that can be more interesting visually and drives the eye to reconsider the norm.

After all these sketching experiments, it forced me to step back and reconsider what it was I wanted to make. Asking myself pointed questions about the project, I managed to refine my style. One of the things that came up most strongly was my wish to define the style of the project as a futuristic, clean and minimal style again.

So, now I needed to come up with some more considered sketch concepts.

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